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Luxurious, Natural & Sustainable: Celebrate Earth Day with Wild Beauty

Luxurious, Natural & Sustainable: Celebrate Earth Day with Wild Beauty

By M. Borriero
Wild Beauty Rhug Estate

To mark World Earth Day on 22nd April, we shine a light on Wild Beauty from Rhug Estate – a highly certified, award-winning COSMOS approved organic skincare brand which demonstrates that sustainability, effectiveness and natural can walk hand in hand in an authentic way.

Made with organic and wild foraged ingredients found on Rhug Estate in North Wales, the products contain actives specially chosen for their proven skincare benefits. Founders Lord & Lady Newborough have championed the highest standards of organic and sustainable farming at Rhug for many years and are now applying these same principles to their new range of face and body products.

Their sustainability, respect for the environment and animal welfare standards were rewarded by a Royal Warrant in 2018. Wild Beauty Rhug EstateThe ingredients are hand-picked or harvested on the estate and chosen carefully for their beneficial attributes. Ingredients such as organic oats, honey, bees wax, spring water, dandelion, elderflower, lemon balm, meadowsweet and hawthorn make up the core of the whole Wild Beauty range. Where ingredients are not available at this beautiful expanse of 12,500 acres, they are sustainably sourced from environmentally friendly producers, ensuring the security of provenance and 100% traceability of ingredients: for Rhug Estate, no compromise has been taken in selecting the best ingredients available regardless of cost.

Packaging for all products has been carefully selected to ensure the highest possible standards, with the aim of reducing the environmental impact and ecological footprint wherever possible. The whole range is bottled and packaged in recyclable materials and where plastic bottles have been used, they are made entirely from Post Consumer Recycled (PCR) plastic.

The estate produces its own energy with hydro, geothermal, solar and wind projects. The riverside corridors running alongside the estate’s fields are part of the Welsh Government’s Tir Gofal and Glastir agri-environmental schemes. Rhug Estate is leading the way by investing in measuring its carbon credentials to establish its carbon footprint in everything it does. A bespoke climate action plan will be developed to mitigate and offset emissions across every sector of the business, including the residential properties, let farms and forestry, green energy, retail, wholesale and skincare.

The main aims of the Rhug Estate farm are to reduce carbon emissions, enhance carbon sequestration and create a carbon neutral business or better. Their carbon credentials are excellent due to the responsible stewardship of Lord Newborough and his team. Miles of hedges have been planted, along with thousands of trees; valuable habitat has been fenced off and improvements have been made to the soil. In last 20 years Rhug has embraced all the best practices of environmental and land management for the long-term benefits of a cleaner, better world.

Wild Beauty

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