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Product Review

Seabody: An Honest Review

By Nell Hankins

Who are Seabody?

Using seaweed for its sustainability, Seabody is an Irish-born Health & Beauty Brand with a local hatchery on the Atlantic Coast to harvest their trademark Seaweed. The hero ingredient of the Seabody range is named Fucoidan (Fu-Coi-De-n) extract, a bioactive found within the cell walls of brown seaweed. Coveted for its numerous health benefits, Fucoidan plays a vital role in the Seabody products.

Priding themselves on their science led approach to health and beauty, Seabody has a number of scientific research links and partnerships with their products undergoing clinical research trialing.

They are constantly expanding as their demand for new products and technologies grows. Their aim is to create a Circular Marine Health & Beauty company, and we agree that they are well on their way to becoming the next household name in sustainable skincare...

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Introducing Myself, my Skin, and Seabody...

My name is Nell, you may find me in the marketing department at John Bell & Croyden and my skin type is combination/dry. I suffer from uneven skin-tone with redness as well as large visible pores. I occasionally deal with hormonal acne and my skin can be very sensitive. In terms of a desired skincare routine, I prefer simplicity and time efficiency... I don't find a 20-step routine sustainable for my easily distracted self.

As Winners of the John Bell & Croyden Anniversary Award, I was desperate to try the Seabody collection. I was kindly gifted some of the range and so began my quest to give you a thorough review of each product. Noting the changes to my skin with each product addition.

So, over the last 5 months, I have been gradually introducing the Seabody skincare range into my routine to give you my first hand report on whether they are worth your investment. In this article I will be giving an in-depth evaluation of the products I tried, whether they are worth your time, money, and skin results; and whether I will be repurchasing.

I will be reviewing: Hydrogel Mask Cleanser, Pentabrite Eye Serum, Aquasurge Day Serum, Glycan Enrich Moisturiser, and Overnight Elixir Serum.

Hydrogel Mask Cleanser

The first product introduced into the routine was the Hydrogel Mask Cleanser, as the name suggests, it doubles as a daily cleanser as well as a more thorough 15 minute mask. Containing Niacinamide, Squalane, and Vitamin E for a glorious, moisturising application, leaving the face feeling fresh and clean even after one cleanse.

This has become my new favourite cleanser which I will definitely be repurchasing. Using as a mask, felt spa-like and my skin felt as fresh as post-facial! Would definitely recommend for a nighttime unwind.

My combination skin adores the product and I have seen a definite reduction in redness and pores since it's introduction. My only qualm is that it only comes in 100ml... and (selfishly) I want more!

I would also prewarn that it smells vaguely of seaweed, which for me was no issue as it served as a reminder of childhood summers on the beach. But understandably may be an issue for some. If you can get past the unique fragrance, this is definitely worth the investment.

Pentabrite Eye Serum

I have never experienced such a luxurious feeling eye cream, the Pentabrite Eye Serum is rich and yet melts into the skin with no issues, leaving behind moisturised, hydrated skin. I find myself reaching for this every morning to reduce puffiness and keep my undereye looking bright and refreshed.

In an attempt to feel better in my own skin, I have been attempting to go makeupless more often. This has pushed me to reconsider the wants and needs from my skincare routine. Covering dark circles with concealer wasn't an option but it didn't need to be, the serum reduced my dark circles! Giving me much more confidence... a true staple in my morning routine.

A little goes a long way with this powerhouse so although it comes in 15ml, it lasted the full 5 months of testing. I was initially hesitant to repurchase due to the price point, however, I'm not entirely sure I could live without it. With ingredients of Kojic Acid, Hyaluronic Acid, Blueberry Seed Oil and Trade Marked Maraderm™, this product claims to increase skin's firmness and reduce wrinkles.

Aquasurge Day Serum

The Aquasurge Day Serum is the glowy skin secret! I have been using it once daily and my usually dull looking skin has gained a new lease of life. My skin looks plump and hydrated, dewy but not greasy, and my pores have definitely become less noticeable in the process.

Niacinamide and Hyaluronic Acid working in tandem with Maraderm™ and PhytoMara™ to give your skin a plumping refresh.

The application is seamless, leaving the skin feeling fresh and soft. I find that three pumps is enough for my face and neck. My one concern: it is quick drying you definitely have to work quickly.

All things considering, after being so impressed with the cleanser, I was more than pleased with the experience of this gorgeous serum.

Glycan Enrich Moisturiser

What can I say about this moisturiser? The moisturiser of dreams? Maybe!

This thick, creamy formula would work perfectly as a night cream as well as your daily moisturiser. My skin is on the drier side and therefore has worked wonderfully for everyday but I have not been shy in applying a thicker layer in the evenings.

The usual concerns with thick, rich moisturisers are no where to be found here. There is no greasiness, the product sinks into the skin with ease, and the scent is addictive. I am often worried about scented skincare products due to the sensitivity of my face, however, this has not flared up any discomfort.

My make up sits perfectly on top, there is no pilling, an all-over fabulous moisturiser. I am already on my second jar of Glycan Enrich Moisturiser!

Overnight Elixir Serum

Have you been looking for a retinol product that doesn't cause your skin to purge? You want to avoid all the negatives of a retinol product whilst still getting the benefits? Look no further than the Overnight Elixir Serum!

Using Retinyl Palmitate, the weakest version of a retinoid, the Overnight Elixir Serum is safe for sensitive skin or someone who is new to retinoids.

It was a lovely addition to the nighttime skincare routine, an extra step that is not usually part of my routine. I found the product texture calming to apply, which was perfect before bed. I did leave my complexion looking hydrated and glowy but I do not think it would be something I repurchase, simply because I do not use retinoids.

Out of all of the products, this was probably my least favourite, however, do not let that dissuade you from trying out the Overnight Elixir Serum for yourself. If you're an avid retinol fan or are thinking of starting, this could definitely be a wonderful addition to your routine.

Remember to be cautious if using retinoids, always wear an SPF and stop using if irritation occurs.

Overall, it was a pleasure to experience the Seabody Skincare Range, the products improved my complexion drastically over the course of 5 months and I even repurchased the moisturiser, eye cream, cleanser, and day serum. They have become my skincare staples!

I believe Seabody is definitely a brand to watch going forward. I patiently await new product releases. It is a joy that all their products tried were of the same or similar quality, giving my skin an absolute makeover.

The application of the products felt luxurious and like a soothing, relaxing experience, a real need for those looking for a self-care/skin care hybrid.

All products are available in-store and online at John Bell & Croyden.