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Rebalance the Skin's Beauty Rhythm with Circalogy by Dr Irena Eris

Rebalance the Skin's Beauty Rhythm with Circalogy by Dr Irena Eris

We chatted with the team at Dr Irena Eris to get the scoop on the Circalogy range - a skincare line that’s all about syncing up with your skin’s natural rhythms.

Tackling stress, blue light, and pollution, helping your skin look its best, the lineup includes a morning cream with SPF, a night cream, an eye cream, and an overnight mask. Each one hydrates, protects, and restores your skin, making it look fresh and radiant. Find out how you can give your skin the care it deserves with Circalogy by Dr Irena Eris!

What is the Circalogy range?

The Dr Irena Eris Circalogy line includes cosmetics for comprehensive facial skin care. The line includes:

Beautifying & Stress-Protecting Morning Cream SPF 30
The cream moisturises young skin, highlighting its natural beauty and preventing it from ageing. The Bio-Chronocell complex neutralises the stress-inducing effect of blue light, restoring the normal functioning of the biological clock of skin cells*. It restarts natural, endogenous protection and regulation processes that occur in the skin during the day, which visibly improves skin condition. Through the activation of aquaporins (water channels), the skin is optimally hydrated and nourished. Yuzu plant extract, combined with citrus flavonoids, delicately brightens the skin and shea butter leaves it silky smooth. *In vitro test.

Ultra Recovering & Stress-Delaying Sleeping Cream
An intensely moisturising and regenerating cream that removes signs of stress and tiredness resulting from tissue disturbances to the natural circadian rhythm of the skin. The innovative Bio-Chronocell complex triggers repair processes that normally take place during sleep*. Effective detoxication is restored, preventing the skin from premature ageing. The tendency towards superficial vascularisation is decreased (reduced redness), and vitamin B3 visibly improves the skin tone. Cold-pressed Sacha inchi essential oil, rich in nutrients, effectively regenerates and moisturises tired skin, soothing it at the same time.
*In vitro test.

Youth Highlighting Eye Cream
The cream instantly brightens the skin around the eyes, hiding signs of fatigue. The Bio-Chronocell complex coordinates protection and regeneration processes, which have been upset by disturbances to the natural circadian rhythm of the skin*. It prevents redness and the premature appearance of wrinkles. Sorbus extract improves microcirculation, reducing shadows and puffiness under the eyes. Natural liquid waxes moisturize and nourish the skin, while stroboscopic pigments highlight its fresh look.
*In vitro test.

Nourishing & Skin Empowering Overnight Mask
A gel mask with strong nourishing and revitalising properties that instantly strengthens the skin, enveloping it with soothing moisturisation. The original Bio-Chronocell complex newly synchronises the circadian rhythm of the skin, which is disturbed by stress, tiredness and exposure to blue light*. Combined with concentrated omega acids, it restores hydrolipidic balance, regulates sebum excretion and provides the skin with vital vitamins. Olive tree extract effectively detoxifies and gently brightens the skin. The skin regains a beautiful, natural and well-rested look.
*In vitro test.

What is circadian rhythm and why is it important to consider in skin health?

The skin, like our entire body, functions on a Circadian rhythm. Unfortunately, stress and modern lifestyle disrupt this cycle, causing dryness and the appearance of imperfections, grey, dull skin, and premature ageing. During the 24-hour cycle, important processes take place in the skin. Skin parameters change, including temperature, pH level, sebum and melanin levels and hydration. During the day, the skin needs to protect itself from harmful external influences, above all UV radiation, while night is a time for intensive detoxification and regeneration. Desynchronisation of the skin's physiological rhythm results in an unnaturally prolonged day (intensive protection) and a considerably shortened night (too little time for regeneration), which affects the skin's condition.

What specific skin concerns does the Circalogy range target?

Disrupting the physiological rhythm of the skin, will have a marked effect on the condition of the skin. Skin that is not protected during the day and does not regenerate at night will be dry, reddened and hypersensitive. It will look tired and may periodically develop imperfections. For such skin we recommend the Circalogy line.

Can you tell us about some of the external factors we should be aware of that can potentially cause damage to our skin throughout our daily routines?

Factors that damage the skin include those related to stress, busy lifestyle, lack of sleep, frequent travel to different time zones (‘jet lag’) and environmental factors - the effects of blue light (computers, mobile devices), UV radiation, environmental pollution, air conditioning, etc.

How does the natural Bio-Chronocell complex aid and prevent skin stress?

The Bio-Chronocell complex harmonises and re-programs the physiological rhythm of the skin. It harnesses the extraordinary properties of the stem cell essence of Lespedeza, a wild Asian plant that is immune to blue light. Bio-Chronocell stimulates the night genes and quiets the morning genes, harmonising the circadian rhythm of the skin of the modern woman exposed to prolonged exposure to blue light.

What is a typical routine to follow with the range?

For best results, we use all 4 cosmetics from the Circalogy line.

In the morning, we apply Beautifying & Stress-Protecting Morning Cream SPF 30 to a cleansed face. The cream moisturises, regulates the skin's oiliness, restores a healthy glow and fresh skin tone. It provides a high UV protection.

The care is completed with Youth Highlighting Eye Cream, which instantly moisturises and brightens the eye area. A special trick - gently pat a small amount of the cream onto the skin under the eyes during the day to the make-up layer. You'll see how beautifully it soothes and makes the skin glow.

In the evening, cleanse the skin and apply the Ultra Recovering & Stress-Delaying Sleeping Cream. The cream intensely hydrates and regenerates the skin, removes signs of fatigue and stress, reduces redness, reduces irritation.

Use the Nourishing & Skin Empowering Overnight Mask two to three times a week before going to bed. Do not wash it off, in the morning your skin will be rested, radiant and perfectly moisturised.

Synchronise the skin's beauty rhythm today by neutralising and detoxifying the skin with Circalogy by Dr Irena Eris!