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Cellular & phyto swiss cosmetics

At the forefront of innovation, Cellcosmet advances cosmetic science with clinically proven high efficacy. Developed in Switzerland to pharmaceutical standards, its skincare ensures revitalisation while preserving the microbiome. With CytoPep™ Cellular Extracts and over 90% natural ingredients, it supports cellular renewal, enhances skin barrier function, and gives a radiant complexion. 

"Our brand has built its reputation on adapting cell therapy into the world of cosmetics"

"Science and research are Cellcosmet‘s DNA. Born 40 years ago on the shores of Lake Geneva in Switzerland, our brand has built its reputation on adapting cell therapy into the world of cosmetics by creating a revolutionary method: the CellControl™ Method. This method preserves the power of our signature ingredient, the CytoPep™ Cellular Extracts. They contribute to skin-cell renewal, skin’s barrier function and epidermal cohesion. Depending on the product properties, they improve skin’s elasticity, preserve skin’s moisture level and help even the complexion.”

- Dr.Jérémie Soeur, Chief of Science Officer


The promise of new radiance

Discover Cellcosmet, a pinnacle in skincare science, unveiling the innate radiance of women's skin. Its commitment is to deliver personalized solutions, leveraging cellular expertise and unparalleled insights into marine and botanical elements. Through expert synergy, we harmonize and deeply revitalize women's skin, ensuring a bespoke response to individual needs.


The ultimate luxury for your skin

For more demanding skin, Cellcosmet presents its exclusive CellEctive line. CellEctive offers subtle textures and rigorously selected, highly concentrated ingredients that are synergistically blended for exceptional effectiveness, guaranteeing revitalised skin and immediate, extraordinary results.


The power of high-tech skincare for men

Cellcosmet’s high-tech skincare line crafted for men. These intelligent and revitalising products are formulated with ultra-targeted cellular, botanical, and marine ingredients. Committed to meeting the specific needs of men's skin, our revised creams offer optimal comfort and a rejuvenating experience.

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In Conversation with Cellcosmet

Join us as Dr Silvia Girlea, Head of Consumer Science shares the background for the founders crafting luxury skincare formulations that have become internationally recognised and uncover the secrets of their unique formulations, signature ingredients and more today.

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