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IRÄYE (pronounced “I-Ray”), is the world’s first skincare line to activate the power of the lymphatic system - the body’s natural purification system. Their Swiss made formulations are designed to transform skin in 4 weeks, delivering unique skin sculping and radiance boosting effects.

With the combined experience of over 40 years of scientific research, the founders dermatologist Prof. Michael Detmar & plastic surgeon Dr. Epa Gousopoulos have created a first-of-its-kind regenerative skincare line powered by their patent-pending LYMPHACTIVE™ technology to support the underlying health and function of the skin, to reveal unparalleled radiance. IRÄYE is founded on the belief that radiance is the external manifestation of the systems of the body functioning at their best.

the first skincare line to

Activate the Power of the Lymphatic System

IRÄYE is the world's first skincare line powered by our patented
technology Lymphactive™ Complex, to activate the lymphatic system topically. With over 20 years of scientific research we bring you an innovative skincare collection to boost skin function an deliver healthy & radiant skin results.

24 Hour in vitro assay of lymphatic cells treated with Lymphactive™ Complex


The Lymphatic System?

The body's natural toxin filter

The Lymphatic system is a network of clear tubes laying almost invisible under the surface of the skin collecting and removing unwanted skin waste accumulated through daily life and transporting cleansing lymph fluid, nutrients and infection fighting white blood cells around the body, so our vital systems can function at their best


Lymphactive™ Complex


Lymphactive™ Complex


face care

The Science of Radiance

While the skin’s lymph vessels naturally decline in number and quality over time, Lymphactive™ Complex works to both enhance lymphatic activity and support the natural repair processes that renew the skin’s lymphatic structures.

Eye Revive Cream

Radiance Firming Serum

The Cream

body care

The Shaping Body Cream with LYMPHACTIVE™

The world's first body treatment that stimulates lymphatic drainage

The Shaping Body Cream

The Shaping Body Cream

"IRÄYE brings together the world of science and skincare and the same can be said for the founders"


Professor Michael Detmar &

Dr. Epameinondas Gousopoulos

Pioneers of the newly opened field of lymphatic medicine. Amongst their world-first discoveries was the role played by age and external factors including stress, inflammation and UV light in the degradation of the lymphatic system. The resulting vessel leakage and water retention all hinder its crucial drainage function, and lead to the build-up of toxins.

By screening over 2,200 plant extracts, they achieved the breakthrough discovery of the first natural lymphatic activators, extracts that stimulate lymphatic function and the body’s ability to repair damaged lymph vessels. They bring the cutting edge science of lymphatics to skincare for the very first time. This is how IRÄYE and it's patent pending technology, the Lymphactive™ Complex, was born.


The Collection