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Q&A with Simone Gibertoni, CEO of Clinique La Prairie & Co-founder of Holistic Health

Q&A with Simone Gibertoni, CEO of Clinique La Prairie & Co-founder of Holistic Health

By B Soberano
Simone Gibertoni, CEO of Clinique La Prairie

The Swiss-made Vegan supplements, created by a team of life-science experts is built on 90 years studying the mechanisms of longevity. We spoke with Simone Gibertoni, the CEO of Clinique La Prairie and Co-founder of Holistic Health to discover the more about the sophisticated luxury supplements and its holistic approach in targeting several areas of your health.

What is at the core of Clinique La Prairie and what makes it different from other brands?

Our uniqueness is built on several elements. Firstly, our 91-year legacy provides us with the most complete expertise in longevity to those in search of a profound change in their health and wellbeing, and every day we continue to strive for the most advanced innovations in this field. This heritage, combined with our expertise of today and our vision, is at the core of our “CLP Longevity Method”, which is a unique holistic approach that targets inflammation, slows aging and boosts immunity using the elements of our ‘four pillars’ philosophy: medical, nutrition, wellbeing and movement.

Our Scientific approach of health and wellness, and scientifically verifiable expertise in rejuvenation, wellbeing and longevity brings cutting-edge science and technology in all of our programs.

To resume, we can say our Innovative mindset, our strong expertise in health and medicine, combined with our commitment to offering to our clients the highest quality standard without comprises, are probably some of the ingredients that build our reputation of excellence and which makes a true difference.  

Why should we use longevity supplements?

They have an essential role to play to support a healthy lifestyle. While aging, our metabolism gradually slows down. As a result, our body absorbs fewer nutrients and lowers cell turnover. It may need help to cope with it. Precise nutrients and actives may slow damages to chromosomes, improve function of mitochondria, protein quality, and other aspects of cellular integrity. Longevity supplements are actually science-based cellular enhancers. They go beyond basic wellness support to target the complexity of health and aging mechanisms.

To go deeper in this subject, one of the main reason why we age is that the protective caps at the end of our chromosomes, named telomeres, shorten over time. When telomeres are fully disintegrating, it causes our DNA to become damaged, and our cells stop replicating.

Scientific studies, notably conducted with Life Length Laboratories, have concluded that using our nutrigenomic supplements Clinique La Prairie Holistic Health, as part of a healthy lifestyle of course, can mitigate the negative effects of aging and contribute to longevity at a cellular level. It has showed that telomere shortening associated with cell aging was much slower in cells treated with the “CLP Holistic Complex”, which is the core of our Longevity Supplements. Among the four products of our range, AGE-DEFY is the most recommended for a complete longevity benefit.

In other words, we have brought our pioneer Longevity Science in a capsule and we will continue to contribute to the development of the highest-performant Anti-ageing supplements’ technology.

Can you tell us more about the cornerstones of holistic wellness that are at the heart of Clinique La Prairie?

Our unique “CLP Longevity method” is based on four pillars that forms the foundations of each of the exclusive week-long programs that guests follows at the clinic in Switzerland: medical science, nutrition, wellbeing and movement.  

Building on this philosophy, when creating the formulas of the Holistic Health supplements, we have identified 5 fundamental dimensions of a balanced lifestyle: a strong IMMUNITY, a resilient NEUROMODULATION (that is to say ability to cope with stress management and take care of your brain), an ANTI-INFLAMMATION action, REJUVENATION and CELLULAR LONGEVITY (the foundations of the anti-aging processes).

Over 91 years, our Clinique La Prairie’s experts have achieved a large work in understanding overall wellbeing and how to improve life quality and quantity in the long-run. Nutrition is so vital that we have established a core emphasis on food and supplements in our philosophy, leading to the Holistic Health advanced formulas.

As leaders in wellness and longevity, how does the holistic complex target the mind and body?

The idea was to be able to connect each of the five cornerstones mentioned above together into a complex that would be at the core of each supplement. This is how we created the “CLP Holistic Complex”. It is formulated from five bioactive ingredients, each with different benefits to tackle the causes of ageing and disease, acting on both mind and body. To be specific: SYNERITHIN acts on immune-protection and anti-inflammatory responses, NEUROMICS on stress reactivity, mood balance and cognitive performances, NIEHANYL on rejuvenation and stress-relief, IMMUCELL on natural immune system and gut balance, and FIXENTIN on reduction of inflammation.

This complex offers a global support to health.  And in each formula, the core complex is completed by 8 to 15 ingredients carefully selected to redefine the body and brain potential. Given the complexity of our body biology, we wanted the formulas to integrate high-performance actives predicted to be the longevity ingredients of the future by lifespan experts.

There are 4 lines in the range – can you tell us about what they each do?

Indeed, our collection includes the most complete Longevity Supplement AGE-DEFY, and three super-charged routines BALANCE, PURITY, and ENERGY, to target specific needs and that are recommended to be taken with alongside AGE-DEFY.

AGE-DEFY is the hero product of our Longevity supplements, and is composed of 2 routines, on for the morning targeting immunity, and one for the evening targeting cell regeneration. It provides the body with high-quality nutrients and protective elements to improve the integrity of the cells. Among the supplement’s ingredients are nutrient dense Betavia, which supports the immune system; Cavacurmin and Astragalus for antioxidant and anti-inflammatory protection; Spermidine to delay age-related damage and Ashwagandha-derived Niehanyl for better reactivity to stress. It goes way beyond basic wellness support to target complex health and ageing mechanisms.

BALANCE is to be taken for lowering stress levels and boosting mental clarity through a combination of 17 essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients.

PURITY accompany the natural cleansing and detoxifying process of the liver and helps to shield from oxidative stress with rich sources of plant antioxidants and vitamins.

ENERGY supports cognitive function and optimizes performance. It strengthens memory, enhances alertness, reduces fatigue, and promotes a feeling of endurance with B vitamins and the patented nootropic ingredient Cognivia.

What else can we look forward to from Clinique La Prairie?

Our ambition is to create a health ecosystem. We can now provide with high-performance Longevity Supplements those who search for profound changes in their health and wellbeing, and we are able to offer a personalized range of supplements depending on the needs to target.

At present, we are working on offering a full dietician expert consultation, who will help identifying specific needs and give personal orientations to achieve a healthy routine at home. We will develop formats of 1:1 expert consultation, “boutique events” and itinerant workshops, always in locations that have a unique twist in line with our philosophy, to give an easier access to diet experts and to essential diet key points to be used in daily life at home.

Besides, we are very happy to mention that Holistic Health range is now available to buy in over 15 countries, as we are partnering with the best retail specialists around the world, who are renowned experts in the domain of health enhancement. And as we are opening new Longevity Hub around the globe, of course our Longevity Supplements will be available there as well, where our local health consultant will assist with bespoke advice 

We will continue to create something which is coherent for our clients, having an impact that can change their lives and fulfil our mission.

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