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Vida Glow’s Founder Anna Lahey Talks About Marine Collagen

Vida Glow’s Founder Anna Lahey Talks About Marine Collagen

By M Borriero
Everything you Want to Know About Marine Collagen Vida Glow

Vida Glow is an Australian beauty brand specializing in scientifically formulated ingestible supplements that deliver real results. Founded in 2014 by Anna and Kieran Lahey, Vida Glow’s success has been built on their clinically effective, hero Marine Collagen range – a natural, hydrolysed collagen peptide powder that provides essential micronutrients to stimulate collagen production. The range increases skin elasticity and firmness, reduces the appearance of fine lines and maintains healthy hair and nails.

We caught up with Vida Glow’s Founder, Anna Lahey, to chat through how the range came about, what inspires her products, the philosophy behind the range, and everything you want to know about collagen supplements.

What inspired you to start Vida Glow?

Vida Glow was inspired by my transformative introduction to ingestible beauty. I started taking one serving of marine collagen a day, and within weeks I saw incredible results. My skin looked plumper and felt more hydrated. My nails were growing fast and strong, and I was losing less hair in the shower. I was so impressed by my results I was compelled to share collagen supplementation with everyone in my life.

At this time, I couldn’t get marine collagen readily in Australia. And, marine collagen I was importing from overseas felt pharmaceutical – it didn’t look or feel like a beauty product. So, I saw an opportunity for a business venture.

We launched in 2014 with our hydrolysed Natural Marine Collagen and a commitment to innovation, purity and efficacy. Today Vida Glow is the global number one marine collagen brand, with one unit sold globally every four seconds. Our focus for the future involves extending our first-mover approach to innovating targeted ingestible solutions for common beauty concerns such as pigmentation and hair loss.

What is marine collagen? How does it work?

Collagen is a protein that our bodies naturally produce. It acts as a building block, giving our skin, hair and nails their structure, elasticity and firmness – but our collagen reserves naturally decline with age.
Marine collagen is a collagen peptide powder extracted from the fish of skin. Vida Glow’s Natural Marine Collagen is hydrolysed to optimise its bioavailability – this means the peptides and amino acids can pass through the lining of the stomach and be absorbed into the bloodstream. When these peptides travel to the skin’s collagen matrix, collagen production is stimulated, for beauty benefits across the body.

How much collagen should you take per day for beauty benefits?

If you’re new to supplementation, start your ingestible beauty routine with one daily serve to maintain plump, hydrated skin and healthy hair and nails. If you’re experiencing the first signs of ageing – like fine lines, weak nails and thinner hair – take two daily sachets. And if you’re seeing deeper wrinkles, very fine hair and weak nails, we recommend three daily serves to firm skin and strengthen hair and nails.

What causes collagen damage?

As part of the natural, intrinsic ageing process, our collagen production slows and collagen reserves begin to deplete – leading to visible signs of ageing in skin, hair and nails. This is accelerated by extrinsic ageing caused by external stressors – like UV exposure, pollution, stress and poor sleep and diet – which degrades collagen, resulting in premature ageing.

How long does it take for collagen to work and what results can we expect?

Natural Marine Collagen supports firm skin, thick hair and strong nails. Early results of consistent collagen supplementation – like improved skin hydration – can be seen in just four weeks. Our community also see the fast growth of nails and baby hairs.

After six weeks of supplementation, fine lines around the eyes and mouth begin to soften, and the collagen matrix becomes stronger and thicker for firm, smooth skin after nine weeks. By 12 weeks, skin elasticity is improved, and the full benefits of marine collagen can be achieved with ongoing supplementation.

Vida Glow

What is the best time of the day to drink collagen?

Whenever suits you best. While some suggest collagen peptide powders are better absorbed on an empty stomach, further clinical research is needed. And remember consistent, daily supplementation is essential to achieve tangible results from marine collagen. So create an ingestible beauty routine that fits into your day – whether you take Natural Marine Collagen as part of your morning skincare routine, throughout the day or in the evening.

I take a sachet of our unflavoured Original marine collagen in warm water in the morning, Mango in a water bottle during the day, and another Original sachet in chamomile tea before bed. And if you’re supplementing more than one serve of collagen a day, it’s best to take each serve individually and throughout the day to maximise their absorption.

Do women need more collagen than men?

Yes, they do. While men and women lose collagen at a similar rate, there is evidence to suggest women have less skin collagen content than men to begin with. This may be why signs of ageing appear earlier in women, and hormonal changes play a part too. After menopause, skin’s collagen rate of decline increases and is further accelerated by the decline in oestrogen. With this in mind, daily collagen supplementation is beneficial for supporting the natural ageing process – and particularly in women.

Collagen supplements are available on the market as capsules, powders and in liquid form. What is the best form to take collagen?

The efficacy of marine collagen – and all ingestible beauty – lies in the formula’s bioavailability. And marine collagen is most bioavailable when supplemented as a hydrolysed powder, dissolved in liquid.

Vida Glow’s marine collagen is hydrolysed. This creates a low molecular weight peptide powder, for effective absorption early in the digestive process. By increasing marine collagen peptide powder’s ability to reach the collagen matrix in the dermis, a higher efficacy is achieved. With consistent supplementation, collagen production is stimulated in as soon as 12 weeks. For fast, tangible results.

Where do you source your ingredients from?

We use only the most bioavailable active ingredients proven to deliver visible results. All of our ingredients meet the highest quality standards for purity.

Our Natural Marine Collagen is sustainably made from fish skin, a by-product of the food industry that would otherwise be discarded as waste. We source our low-impact marine collagen under the strict sustainability standards of G.A.P, The Aquaculture Stewardship Council and Best Aquaculture Practices. These internationally accredited agencies establish firm aquaculture guidelines to ensure suppliers are environmentally and socially compliant.

We utilise a range of species to mitigate biodiversity implications and complete the complex amino acid necessary to deliver clinical results.

What is the core mission of Vida Glow?

Vida Glow is built on my passion for science-backed, clinically studied ingestible beauty. We know people don’t have time to waste on superficial beauty or products that simply don’t work. Busy living means people want products they can trust and are easy to adopt. With efficacy and fast-paced living in mind, Vida Glow is designed to complement daily routines for visible results, no matter your lifestyle.

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