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3lab skincare Erica Chung

In Conversation with Erica Chung, Founder & Creator of 3LAB Skincare

By M. Borriero
Erica Chung Founder of 3lab

This week we had the pleasure to speak to Erica Chung, Founder and Creator of 3LAB, a beauty company founded in 2003 along with the help of two well-known chemists and one celebrated dermatologist. Based in New York, 3LAB is developed with careful precision, providing customers with a streamlined range of products to address the needs of every skin type.

How did you get started with 3LAB?

I am the most skeptical customer when it comes to cosmetics and skincare. When I was younger, I didn’t use anything all on my skin. It was my advantage, in a way, to see what actually works so I could create the best and most efficacious skin care in the world. If a product does not satisfy me, I would not even consider launching it. The 3LAB products represent my own personality: particular, perfectionist, and very practical. If I want to create a product, I want to create the most efficacious product.

How would you describe 3LAB’s core philosophy?

We use the highest quality ingredients to create the most efficacious products. Our dynamic line of high-end, anti-aging products produce real results that address multiple skin concerns from combating environmental damage to reducing fine lines and wrinkles.

What make 3LAB’s formulations so unique?

Finding that advanced technology and the highest quality raw materials is key. Since I have an in-house R&D and private manufacturing business, it’s much easier for me – we manufacture for more than 100 brands so we are considered a big customer for raw material companies and companies that develop new ingredient technologies, so they come to us! Of course, the textures of my products must also be perfect as well. 3LAB is a mix of the best ingredients and most elegant textures to create products that you WANT to use, to achieve healthy and beautiful skin.

What would you say are the must-have ingredients in today’s skincare products?

I would focus on the delivery system like what we use in our Super Cream. X-50 Intelligent Targeting Device (ITD) Technology – this technology was developed in Spain originally, as treatment for cancer patients. X50 delivery system works by guiding capsules filled with peptide- Pantothenic Acid heptapeptide -Cu to the target cell.

The capsules have certain peptides on the surface, which act like a guide/GPS for the X-50 to the target cell so that the active ingredients within the X-50 capsule are then released into the cell. The active ingredient released is the Pantothenic Acid-heptapeptide-Cu. It helps increases elastin and collagen levels and is excellent for anti-wrinkle and anti-aging.

Can you tell us more about the PERFECT range and which needs does it target?

3Lab Perfect Cream

I am a very creative person and am constantly thinking about what I need to launch. I myself am the most difficult customer to please when it comes to skincare. So, I consult with my formulator and sit with the raw material manufacturers, and I look at their clinical data. If it fits my vision, I will work with my special formulator who is designated for 3LAB. And he will submit to me sample after sample to approve before I launch. I am so particular that some years, if I cannot find anything exciting in new ingredient technology or new raw materials then I won’t launch something significant in my skincare. Then I can be a little more playful and release things like colour cosmetics, lip balm, etc. All with the same high-quality ingredients of course. So much consideration goes into every single 3LAB product because it must have a unique purpose in my line.

Who would you recommend 3LAB to?

3LAB is designed for people who want to look younger and have healthy looking skin. I’ve created these highly efficacious products for the consumers who don’t want alcohols, no artificial colours or fragrances or heavy fillers and oils – they want a product that they just know will work and preserve skin longevity.

What does your skincare routine look like?

  1. Double-cleansing
  2. Moisturizing cream
  3. Super Ampoules – to change your skin drastically I would use this high-grade quality raw ingredients and most advanced delivery system to reverse and prevent all signs of aging. For more youthful, flawless and healthy skin already shown after the first week of using these ampoules.
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