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4 Beauty fixes that will make your skin glow this Christmas

4 Beauty fixes that will make your skin glow this Christmas

By M. Borriero

    Four Beauty fixes

  1. MEDIK8 - R-Retinoate Luxe Collection
  2. AETHERN - Anti-ageing Collagen Shots
  3. FUSHI - Wellbeing
  4. ZENII - Supplements

With the party season getting into full swing and the weather changes, our skin can get easily dull, tired and dry. New Year’s Eve is just around the corner, expecting family celebrations, parties with friends, and not exactly what we would call a balanced diet. Changing up our skincare routine for the holidays can make a huge difference in the way we look and feel.

John Bell & Croyden is delighted to present a range of products that are perfect to make you glow from without and within during this special season of the year!

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Medik8 Luxe Collection Retinol

MEDIK8 - R-Retinoate Luxe Collection

3 iconic best sellers and a unique gemstone roller. The advanced formulation contains retinyl retinoate, a molecule that helps to stimulate cellular regeneration and supports collagen synthesis. 8 times more powerful than retinol, retinyl retinoate visibly reduces fine lines and wrinkles, evens skin tone and smoothes skin texture for a radiant young-looking complexion. The precious gemstone encourages a lymphatic drainage by boosting blood circulation and providing a radiant skin.

Aethern Collagen Shots

AETHERN - Anti-ageing Collagen Shots

Formulated with the most active top-quality ingredients, this drinkable anti-ageing blend is the new favourite skin care shot of Hollywood celebrities. Used and recommended by advanced leading dermatologists worldwide, the unique formula improves skin firmness, radiance, hydration and protects against UVA rays. An innovative beauty program that contains only pure ingredients such as Polyphenols, pure Astaxanthin (an antioxidant that helps to regenerate collagen more effectively than vitamin C and E), organic Silica, Hyaluronic Acid, Collagen Peptides and the most essential minerals and vitamins.

Fushi Shea Butter

FUSHI Wellbeing

Fushi, “Eternal Life” in Japanese, is a superb range inspired from the eminent Ayurvedic knowledge of natural therapies for health and beauty.  Guided by this ancient health system, Fushi infuses organic bio-dynamically grown herbs into their organic oils to create nourishing and pure treatments for skin, body and hair. The range (suitable for vegans) is created, blended and infused by hand in their London workshop, not to mention the company has been awarded by the Ethical Organisation for its contributions. Try this luxurious creamy organic Shea butter (100% pure) that helps to promote youthful, smooth and deep nourished skin.

Zenii Supplement

ZENII - Supplements

Trying to find a way to enhance and boost your skin health and vitality? ZENii wellness range aims to deliver clinically proven supplements that help nourish and strengthen the skin from within. Specially formulated to aid relaxation whilst encouraging the reconnection of the mind and soul, the brand has been designed and created by Dr Johanna Ward, an award-winning Cosmetic Doctor. The high-performance formulations help to minimise the effects of modern life such as free radicals, pollution, toxins and stress. Skin Fusion formula contains a great combination that delivers high antioxidant protection to the skin, in order to reduce oxidative stress, improve skin luminosity, elasticity and firmness.

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