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Meet our Själ Skincare Expert

Meet our Själ Skincare Expert

By M. Borriero
Sjal Skincare

Hello Katya. Tell me a bit about the brand. What are the key ingredients used in Själ skincare?

Each product of Själ is an infusion of precious minerals, gemstones and bio-engineered complexes sourced from around the world. Ingredients are selected based upon clinicals, purity level and origin. Gold, silver, platinum, malachite, copper and hyaluronic acid are some key ingredients you can find in Själ.

Is Själ vegan or cruelty-free?

Själ is not tested on animals, we use mostly plant based active ingredients, minerals and amino acids, however we use royal jelly in our masks.
Sjal Skincare

What are the benefits of using crystal-infused beauty products?

Crystal-infused skincare is believed to amplify the effect of other ingredients. Gemstones help to drive ingredients such as botanicals, ceramides and peptides to the weaker cells (the ones that need the most). Crystal-infused products increase micro circulation, detoxification and cellular productivity, as well as penetration and performance while enhancing the effects of other active ingredients.

Sjal Interview

Your Bio-Regenerative Serum is formulated with malachite extract. Why is this ingredient so special for the skin?

Derived from the malachite stones, this bio-available copper anti-oxidant complex promotes tissue regeneration and protects against radiation and EMFs*, while balancing and optimizing the cell’s energy. It helps to detoxify and protect the skin from environmental pollution, therefore improving skin texture and revealing a radiant complexion.

I have very sensitive skin. Can I still use your products?

All my life I’ve struggled with sensitive reactive skin. Using Själ skincare for the past few years made a huge difference. The entire range is free of derma lifts, fillers, parabens, petrochemicals, artificial fragrance which all contribute to irritate  sensitive skin. My skin feels and looks better than ever, with smoother surface and the best thing, it allows keeping rosacea under control!

Its simple effective regime is incredible, the textures and smells of the products are luxurious and holistic. You can have a facial at home every day with immediate and long-term results.

What are your best-selling products?

Our best-selling products are:

Balance Cleanser

Sjal Cleanser

This cleanser feels delightfully soothing, it gently detoxifies and hydrated the skin without stripping it off natural oils and moisture. It contains gold, silver, pearl and rose water.

Orbe Eye Cream

Sjal Orbe Eye Cream

With 55 active ingredients this turbo eye cream delivers immediate results while feeling lightweight due to its gel/cream texture. Focuses on wrinkles, tone, lift and dark circles and it contains oil soluble vitamin c, zinc, magnesium hyaluronic acid and peptides.

Sapphire Concentrate

Sjal Oil

This “liquid silk” weightless powerful anti-aging oil, has been designed to diminish appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, plumping and nourishing the skin. It is a perfect aid for sensitive skin, as it has calming and soothing properties. Infused with sapphire and aquamarine, lavender, bio marine complex and Phyto retinoids.

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