Why We Should Switch To A Zero-Waste Toothbrush

Why we should switch to a zero-waste toothbrush

Learn more about the benefits of a bio toothbrush and how they can support a sustainable future.

Every year, 3.5 billion toothbrushes go to landfill globally, with over 200 million in UK alone1. Sometimes small changes can have big impacts, and that’s why Founders and creators of Jack N’ Jill and The Natural Family Co., Rachel and Justin Bernhaut, set out to innovate a series of healthier, sustainable alternatives for families. Creating zero-waste toothbrushes – that work!

“Using a toothbrush is essential to promote good oral health, but it can be detrimental to our environment. Plastic toothbrushes take 400+ years to decompose, filling up landfill and harming precious marine life. The truth is, no one needs a toothbrush that outlives their children’s life span.”

Co-Founder, Rachel Bernhaut

Every product from Jack N’ Jill and The Natural Family Co. range have been thoughtfully designed to help the planet and its people. From zero-waste products and packaging to ergonomically designed toothbrush handles for kids and no toxin toothpaste; this Australian brand has disrupted the health industry for the better.

What is a corn starch?

“Our toothbrush packaging and handles are made proudly from non-GMO corn starch that is 100% biodegradable and made from sustainably grown corn. Corn starch-based products have many benefits; they’re made from a renewable source (corn), have no toxins, are compostable and their production leaves a low carbon footprint.

Many consumers are surprised that our (good-looking) packaging is made entirely from 100% biodegradable corn starch, thanks to its consistency which is similar to plastic. Corn starch produces Polylactic acid (PLA) during its processing that gives it a similar texture but without the nasties. As an ingredient, it’s close to cornflour, but they are not the same. Starch originates from the inside of corn seeds and thickens more so than flour, which is made out of the whole grain.

Our toothbrush heads are made from soft BPA free, recyclable nylon bristles. Our brushes are soft, yet durable enough to withstand all the tooth brushing that comes their way.

The best bit? Our corn starch toothbrushes decompose in the compost after 12 months rather than 400+ years in landfill.”

Natural Toothbrushes

How to dispose of your toothbrush

Once you finish with your toothbrush, you can break off the brush head which is made from Nylon and place this into your recycling. The handle can then be placed into your household compost. The handle can then be placed into your household compost.


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