Flu Vaccination

During the current Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic we are working hard to ensure that our pharmacy can continue providing the safe supply of medicines, care and advice to you. In order to help protect our colleagues and customers, we will not be scheduling new patient service bookings for the time being.


Flu vaccinations are a simple and highly effective way to ensure you remain healthy, active and productive during the colder season. At John Bell & Croyden, you can rest assured that our highly trained and confidential service will assist with all your winter health concerns, offering expert advice and the finest preventive treatments and medications.

Flu symptoms to be aware of:
• Aches or weakness
• High temperature of 38-40°C
• Shivering
• Feeling lethargic with no energy

While most flu viruses clear up after a week or two, we feel the best way to avoid it altogether is by visiting us for your vaccination.

The service costs £14.00 and can be booked online or instore.

This service is also available at no charge through the NHS for those who are pregnant, people aged over 65, or patients who have certain illnesses.

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