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100% Natural Skincare & Wellbeing

ilapothecary is a British award-winning, wellbeing functional beauty brand with natural pioneering undiluted blends of Powerful Remedial Ingredients. A cutting-edge synergy of Naturopathy, Homeopathy, Herbology, Gemstones, Anti-Inflammatories & Phyto-Actives to support the busy person from urban stressors, and help to rebalance, strengthen, nourish, and uplift. Ranges include Beat the Blues, Hormonal Balance, Sleep, Stress Relief and Digital Detox.


The Collections

Beat the Blues

Natural alchemical blend of powerful essential oils that are known to uplift the mood, boost self-esteem, ease frustration and stimulate happiness. A perfect holistic uplift!

Hormonal Balance

Natural blends of powerful essential oils and adaptogenic herbs to rebalance the body, mind, hormones and soothe the mood. Enjoy!

Stress Relief & Sleep

Relieve your stress with our natural calming remedies that help to soothe and ground the body and mind. A good night’s sleep is essential, and our healing ingredients can certainly do the trick!

Digital Detox

All you need to cleanse and recharge your face, mind & space from digital effects. Who doesn’t need some digital detox?

Face Care

Nourishing, antioxidant and smoothing face care to protect, regenerate & revitalize the skin. Made from 100% natural powerful ingredients.

Body Care

Indulgent natural body care that leaves the skin clean, refreshed, nourished, smooth & relieved.


The Collection