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Q&A with Margret Pinto, Founder & CEO of EVY Technology

Q&A with Margret Pinto, Founder & CEO of EVY Technology

By M Borriero

Margret Pinto, Co-Founder and CEO of EVY Technology, explains how to tan safely and protect yourself from the sun.

EVY means life – an appropriate name for a range developed to help people enjoy life, untroubled by environmental stresses. I'm passionate about helping people who suffer from skin conditions such as eczema, sun sensitivity, vitiligo, and contact allergies.

I’m also passionate about spreading information about the sun, sun protection and preventing skin cancer. I want to help people to enjoy the sun’s benefits, while protecting them from the harm UV radiation can cause. EVY´s formula makes that easier and our vision is to spread this unique Swedish invention around the world.

 Margret Pinto, Co-Founder & CEO

How does EVY Technology's formulation differ from other sun care brands?

EVY is based on unique, Swedish skincare technology – meaning that the basic formula is distributed throughout the top skin layer, instead of just remaining on the surface. This means that EVY penetrates deeper into the skin layer than many other products on the market. It also provides extra long-lasting protection as the formula stays on the skin without being affected by water or sweating, which otherwise can cause the product to be rinsed or rubbed off.

By strengthening the skin’s barrier protection, EVY also helps the skin to perform its natural functions – such as protecting and moisturising. Evy Technology FounderThis results in a protective barrier that, like a layer of Gore-Tex, provides increased resistance by forming a membrane in the entire top layer of skin which mimics the skin’s own defence system, while allowing the skin to breathe and sweat freely.

EVY also protects against heat, wind, and substances that can have an irritant effect on the skin. All products based on EVY’s technology share in common the same simple application process and consist of a quickly absorbed solution – a great advantage when you want to make sure you apply the recommended amount.

Are EVY Technology sunscreens suitable for people with eczema or skin allergies?

All EVY Technology products are developed for eczema and extremely sensitive skin. Thanks to our patented formula, we can provide the highest skincare technology with as little concentration of active ingredients as possible. In our rand products are tested for sensitive skins, hypoallergenic and non comedogenic. Of course if one individual has a pre-existing allergy or sensitivity to an ingredient, that reaction would still be present.

EVY is highly suitable for skin types that are sensitive, often feel dry or suffer from acne. Dry and thin skin has a weaker skin barrier, and needs to be strengthened. The mousse acts as a barrier between the skin and foreign substances, like a membrane made of Gore-Tex, which strengthens the skin’s own defence mechanism, while still letting it breathe freely. This barrier prevents irritation, eczemas and can prevent allergies.

Sunscreens often clog up the pores and feel sticky, and many people experience rashes or blemishes. However, EVY sunscreen is light as a feather, does not clog up the pores and rehydrates the skin, without leaving a sticky feeling. Many consumers who suffer from acne avoid greasy, fatty products, since they cause clogged pores. This, in turn, can slow down the healing process and lead to even more acne. But using the right kind of fatty acids can help balance sensitive skin.

Often, people lack products with the right kind of strengthening fats in their daily skincare routine. EVY products can be used straight after shaving and before applying makeup, which can also cause irritated skin and acne. We have had many very satisfied consumers who suffer from eczema or rosacea, so if you haven’t found any products that are suitable for your skin type, we definitely recommend that you try EVY.

We're curious about the texture. What can you tell us?

The foam becomes a creamy airy texture that is amongst the easiest ways to apply in an even layer our products. Keeping the skin feeling soft, light and always comfortable.

When it comes to sunscreen, how long does it last?

Regulations ask us to always use the caution rule and to advise to avoid direct, prolonged sun exposure and of course to reapply sunscreen at least every second hour. At EVY Technology, we have pushed the formulas to the highest standards and our independent lab tests results show, for example, that the SPF 50 (test result SPF57) kids after 8h Very water resistance is still tested at SPF 38! Or our EVY Daily Defense SPF50 is tested at SPF53 after 8 hours in dry situation.

Evy Technology

A sunscreen’s effectiveness is determined by things like how much you sweat, whether you go swimming and the UV index. We conduct different efficiency tests for different formulas. Water tests in a laboratory environment show that our SPF 50 maintains an SPF of 35 after 8 hours. This is based on exposure to water for 20 minutes followed by a 15 minute drying time, for a total of 480 minutes. These results are extremely high. Our waterproof facial products maintain their SPF factor for more than 8 hours when not exposed to water. However, excessive long-term exposure to the sun always entails risks, as no products provide total sun protection. As many people do not apply enough, frequent application is recommended, although that will not help if you have already burned yourself. In that case, you should avoid the sun.

Is there such a thing as a "safe tan"?

"Safer Tan" would be more appropriate. Tanning is still a defence mechanism in which our skin in some way reacted to UV Rays. It is always hard in Healthcare to find the right wording that wouldn’t limit or make an explanation to simplified or to academic.

We are constantly surrounded by UVA radiation, regardless of weather, which stresses cells and makes melanin darker. But it doesn’t change the body’s level of melanin and prevents additional tanning. You need UVB radiation, i.e. sunshine, to increase the body’s production of melanin, which is what gives you a genuine tan. So the best way to avoid getting an even darker tan is to use a sunscreen with a high SPF.

If you want to even out pigmentation or avoid premature ageing, you should use a good UVA sunscreen, regardless of whether the sun is shining or not. UVA rays make up 95% of visible light and are able to pass through glass. Our products provide extra strong protection against UVA radiation, according to Boots Star Rating Test. The test measures the ratio between UVA protection and the SPF protection indicated on the label and we have managed to achieve a 5-star rating, or the highest possible protection against UVA radiation.

This means that EVY is classified as a broad spectrum sunscreen. The PA system is often used in Asia. It measures persistant pigment darkening (ppd), i.e. how quickly you develop a tan. Our newest addition, EVY Daily Defense Face Mousse, was tested through PA+ and got 4+ or maximum results here too, with a ppd of about 20. In addition to choosing a long-lasting and stable sunscreen, you can combine it with substances like vitamin C and other pigment-inhibiting substances. Apply them first, followed by sunscreen.

How do I know what level of sunscreen to wear?

The right sun protection factor depends on your skin type as well as how long you intend to stay in the sun. But other factors, such as time of day, location and type of activity also play a crucial role. However, if you have light or sensitive skin we always recommend to use a higher factor. This also applies if you plan on spending an entire day in the sun.

One common misconception is that only people with light skin need strong sun protection. But, in fact, good protection is just as important for people with darker skin, e.g., people that might already have a deep tan. Even if you do not get any visible burns, your skin can be damaged by deep-penetrating UVA radiation which can cause skin damage and skin cancer in the long run. An additional guideline is that children under the age of 16 should always use a 30 SPF or higher.

What does EVY Technology do to protect the environment?

With EVY, you do not need to apply mousse as often and it doesn’t wash off, which is good from an environmental perspective. If you go swimming or snorkelling among coral reefs while wearing EVY, you won’t leave any significant impact on the environment, but different countries have different opinions on some of the ingredients.

EVY does not contain any of the following controversial ingredients. PABA, Oxybenzone, Butylparaben, Octinoxate, 4-methylbenzylidine or Camphor. The most commonly used physical sun filters, titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, are of natural decent and usually developed into nano form. However, they are not biodegradable.

The culprit of coral reef decline is global warming and pollution. We also need to remember that the most eco-friendly way of treating coral reefs is to not visit them by motorboat and trample about among them.

What are the environmental benefits of EVY aerosol bottles?

You never need to open the bacteria-proof and hygienic aerosol bottle, which means that the product never goes bad or degrades, unlike most other products. Additionally, EVY expands when it comes into contact with the air, which produces a mousse that feels very economical. Aerosol packaging allows EVY products to be completely free of preservatives and alcohol. This prevents wastage and makes sure you can use every last drop of the product. The propellant gas is eco-friendly and made from renewable raw material. The propellant has been purified and is suitable for cosmetic products.

Evy Technology

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