John Bell & Croyden collaborates with Bodydoctor

When John Bell & Croyden join forces with a brand, it has to encompass the best the UK capital has to offer in terms of health, fitness and nutrition. Our collaboration with the Bodydoctor - named Best Gym at the GQ Grooming Awards – is no exception.

This partnership is born from the shared belief in offering the best possible service, results and experience to their customers and clients. InResidence Fitness is dedicated to providing the very best services for their clients, extending their services outside the realms of a pharmacy or a training studio, taking London’s wellbeing offer to new heights. The collaboration brings together expertise across health, fitness and nutrition to provide bespoke treatment plans tailored to the needs of each individual and their desired end goal, be it fat loss, injury rehabilitation, structural integrity or general fitness.

InResidence Fitness focusses on method and technique to get their clients looking and feeling their best. Improving flexibility and range of movement in the body helps to build core structural strength and create a more balanced body and a sharper mind. The benefits of weight loss and an improvement in overall wellbeing are the welcome side effects of this very personal and tailored training programme. By launching InResidence Fitness, we are able to offer an even greater level of service to its customers by offering in-house consultation, priority booking at the Belgravia training studios, nutritional advice for training, as well as exclusive special offers.  Clients are asked to keep a food diary, which includes not only what they eat, but at what time and how quickly. Using this information, InResidence nutritionists can pull together a detailed plan to ensure an optimum nutritional balance is achieved and maintained throughout their Bodydoctor programme.

But don’t just take our word for it!

After 10 years of regularly attending gym classes, Global Blue’s digital editor Kirsty Welsh discovered that she has been doing squats and chest presses so wrong. “After attending hundreds of 7am gym classes, I kind of thought I knew a thing or two about working out – well, that’s what I thought until I entered a month of back-to-back personal training sessions at the Bodydoctor studio.” Read her full review here

Mhairi Graham, Digital Editor at Luxury London added:  “Marshall is not merely a fitness trainer – he is the self-styled Bodydoctor. His enduring regime, which has scarcely altered in three decades, remains the only medically-approved programme available in London, supported by a little black book of the capital's best practitioners. Within a few sessions, I not only exercised better but, more importantly, I felt better. Because ultimately, it’s not about fat or thin – it’s about positive physical and mental wellbeing. As Marshall himself puts it: “You only look good when you feel good; you only feel good when you are good and you’re only good when you’re healthy.” Read about it here

InResidence Fitness offers:

  • Nutritional and lifestyle Consultation
  • Fitness evaluation and assessment
  • Referral to other InResidence Clinic Services
  • An introductory training tutorial
  • DVD and book

 Introductory offer costs just £250.

 To book, email or call 0207 235 2211

Visit for more information