Well Woman Perofile

This Profile is our most comprehensive general wellness profile for women. It checks your liver and kidney function, your bone health, iron levels (including ferritin) and your full cholesterol profile. It also checks your HBA1c level which is diagnostic of diabetes, and your Thyroid function. Added to all this it does a full blood count which checks the health and number of your red blood cells, White blood cells and platelets, and also a test for inflammation. 

The Well Women profile also tests for further biomarkers especially relevant for female health, including for low vitamin D levels which are especially common for women in the UK, alongside Vitamin B12, Folate and magnesium levels. We also test for female hormones FSH, LH and Oestradiol.

Results are emailed directly to you in 48 hours with follow up phone call from a John Bell & Croyden Healthcare Professional to talk you through the results.

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