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Aquality Hyper-Hydrating Recovery Cream Rich Formula 50ml
SKU: 6021660
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This rich, nourishing cream has revolutionary moisturising properties and reduces various types of wrinkles. The innovative gamma-polyglutamic acid (γ PGA) is a new-generation ingredient that has been proved to be 5 times more effective as a moisturiser than hyaluronic acid.

γ PGA integrates into the surface layer of the epidermis, providing a feeling of intense hydration, improved skin firmness, and a visible reduction of wrinkle depth. The special structure of γ PGA biodermal carriers attracts water molecules like a magnet, ensuring long-lasting resistance to drying out and improved skin elasticity. The skin becomes more supple, facial features sharpened, the number and depth of wrinkles reduced. The combined action of γ PGA and golden algae extract reinforces the hydrolipid barrier of the skin and neutralises the effects of UV radiation and other external agents.

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