FREE Virtual Dietetic Consultations

We are delighted to launch FREE virtual dietetic consultations usually £100 to help our customers achieve their nutrition and health goals, whilst still adhering to social distancing measures.


Although our doors have remained firmly open during the current unprecedented pandemic, John Bell & Croyden’s leading in-house dietitian Joanne Kwok is now taking virtual bookings to help people seek free-of-charge wellbeing advice from the comfort of their home.

The online consultations offer a private, confidential platform to discuss any dietary and health concerns they have, as well as talk about lifestyle and food preferences. 

The one-to-one meetings can also talk about ways to boost their immune system, especially after being ill, or discuss any other specific queries a person may have regarding their nutrition or diet, or even pantry or cupboard reviews, and help with education on areas such as label reading.

The sessions are not just for people who are deemed ‘healthy’ and want general advice, for example for weight management, but are also suitable for those with specific medical conditions and needs such as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, cancers, digestive problems, IBS, eating disorders, and food allergies.

Each consultation will include assessments regarding their anthropometry, diet and health risks, and then work together with the client to come up with an individualised plan to help with any goals. Clients may be asked to keep a food diary to help assess the adequacy of their diets and will receive 10% off all purchases after an initial consultation. Follow up consultations will be done online.

This is the first time we have launched virtual, free-of-charge consultations, but we are committed to ensuring people can access help and support without having to leave their house. It’s now more important than ever to look after your immune system and wellbeing and we are on hand to help.

Visit our online booking service to book your place.