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Clinique La Prairie Holistic Health

Available this June

Visit Clinique La Prairie Holistic Health's pop-up lab in store between 17th - 30th June and book in for your complimentary nutrition session with expert advice and learn more about the pioneering, high-performance longevity supplements, designed to support living life to its fullest potential.

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Expert Nutritionist

Visit us in store on June 22nd or 27th to meet an expert from Clinique La Prairie for a 30 minute nutrition session, where you will be guided through a unique holistic approach to longevity combining leading science with bespoke plans.

The lab will retail the clinic’s scientifically-proven premium supplements, the Holistic Health line: the pioneering Age-Defy, and the 3 complementary routines Balance, Energy and Purity. These longevity supplements aim to increase lifespan and healthspan by focusing on underlaying mechanisms of aging.

In store for two weeks from 17th June, don’t miss out on the chance to speak with a Holistic Health expert to uncover your very own body’s connection to longevity and discover the most advanced sciences to slow down aging, to detox, to boost your brain, or support your overall wellbeing.


Clinique La Prairie Holistic Health