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Palo Santo Bundle
SKU: 7449879
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Palo Santo (Bursera Graveolens) also known as ‘Holy Wood’ is perfect for use with smudging and incense. Ethically sourced from South America, it is derived from naturally-fallen trees, which are renowned for producing a powerful essential oil.

Palo Santo is used for its purifying and cleansing anti-microbial properties and is known to support emotional and spiritual wellbeing. Lighting it can help to clear negative energy and reduce anxiety. With sweet notes of pine, mint and lemon, its unique aroma will leave you feeling calm and uplifted.

Palo Santo has been lit by Shamans during ceremonies and rituals for centuries. We particularly like to use Palo Santo here at ARDERE during meditation practices, to alleviate feelings of stress and cleanse our space.

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