Introducing Antü Collection from Codex Beauty Labs

This week we spoke to Dr Barbara Paldus, CEO and Founder of Codex Beauty Labs, who introduces their new Antü Collection designed to protect, restore, and strengthen the skin’s barrier.

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What’s Antü Collection about?

The Antü collection is designed to reduce inflammation, hydrate, and allow the skin to remodel itself. Our botanical technology, created in nature and perfected by science, is precisely the kind of care your complexion needs for repair, rejuvenation and protection against environmental aggressors.
By protecting, restoring, and strengthening the skin barrier, the AntüComplex™ formula focuses on reducing inflammation and damage caused by sun exposure and environmental pollution.

Codex Beauty Labs

Who would you recommend Bia range and Antü range to?

Both the Bia range (barrier creams for hydration and moisture retention) and the Antü range (barrier creams for particulates and free radicals in chemical pollution) focus on revolutionary breakthroughs in skin barrier defence. At Codex Beauty Labs, we pride ourselves on protecting and fortifying the skin’s barrier function against the harmful effects of oxidative stress, the loss of critical hydration, UV exposure, mechanical stress (mask wearing), and airborne particulate matter pollutants by lowering your exposome* (everything your skin is exposed to throughout your lifetime).

Codex Beauty Labs Antu Brightening Moisturiser

What is the main ingredient used in Antü range?

Both Antu Brightening Moisturiser and Antu Brightening Night Cream contain the AntüComplex™, a powerful antioxidant mix of M3™ and hyaluronic acid to hydrate, soothe, calm and alleviate redness. M3™ is a novel, proprietary blend of Patagonian Maqui, Matico and Murtilla, known for their ability to soothe irritation and reduce inflammation.

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How does AntüComplex work?

Our Antü range can deliver antioxidants both to the surface of the skin, where they neutralise free radicals before they contact the skin, and deliver antioxidants into the skin to help reduce inflammation. Our innovative Efficacy Panels on each package demonstrate our complete clinical findings for your shopping confidence, as each product is optimized for a different function.

All Antü products reduce trans-epidermal water loss, which is the result of a weak or damaged skin barrier. The complete regime covers all of your skin barrier needs.


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